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EICO: Further Drama

July 6, 2014

Once again drama strikes the EICO (East India Company) a member of the N3 Coalition. Previously the co-ceo of the Alliance was kicked and over 100Billion in assets were stolen. These assets that were stolen are roughly listed below:

35b in isk from in holding corp and exec corp wallets (approx.)
15b in moon goo on market as corp sell orders (approx.)
7b in POCO’s that would have gone poof*
5b in Ihubs in 11 systems, and TCU’s in 20ish systems
16b in PVE & Infrastructure upgrades plugged into Ihubs
10b in Towers, Fuel, and Modules in space
10b in Upgrades, Towers, Modules, etc… in holding corp hangar
10b in Minerals, loot, and misc. crap in holding corp hangars
108b = Total net “loss” as the anticipated damage done by Kr0nin

The alliance leader we are told is not as concerned over losing the value of a titan or a handful of supers but more the fact that the alliances towers were taking down robbing them of their income source and the ability to make the lost ISK back easily. Kr0nin who was assisted by his own corp in this theft was robbed back. People were willing to help out Sslink (the CEO of EICO) by giving him intel and some also helped him recover assets from HEL. Below is a list of things that were stolen/recovered from Hel by EICO:

6.5b in POCOs (all in our space)
5b in Ihubs in 11 systems, and TCU’s in 20ish systems
8b in Towers, Fuel, and Modules in space (some blown up, lost, etc..)
10b taken directly from the HEL wallet, and now in G String’s wallet
10b in the form of Kr0’s personal Nag, Moros, and Rorq taken from the HEL hangar
3b in isk and misc. stuff taken from the old holding corp hangars
42.5b = Total already recovered

In the next few days they expect to obtain these:

3b – Thanny & Archon from HEL hangar
5b – POS mods from the HEL hangar
2b – in misc. items taken from the HEL hangar
10b = Additional assets we are fairly certain will be recovered

As of now they have recovered roughly half of the 100 billion lost and 75% of their moon towers. We are told they will soon be reupgrading their systems and that SRP will start soon once again. The CEO feels that:

It is gonna hurt a bit for the coming month or two, but things are WAY better than we thought they would be a few days ago, and in the end, the financial setback is WELL WORTH getting rid of the whiney, sniveling, gutless, conniving, thieving fucktards we just shed in one fail swoop. Quite frankly, the BIGGEST asset we move forward with is the commitment and dedication of our membership, and no amount of isk recovery is worth compromising the integrity of the alliance we are building.

Many HEL members were not aware of Kr0nin’s plans (including directors) and thus choose to support Sslink in providing intel, APIs, mails, sabotage, and asset recovery. He was able to get an alt into the holding corp of HEL and obtain full roles allowing him to change, sov and towers allowing much effort and time to be spared. Looking forward the future of EICO is one that I will be watching simply to see if the drama continues or if it really is over from here on out as Sslink seems to think.

Do you think the drama is over? Let us know in the comments

-Hona Chaginai