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60 Billion down in WH Brawl.

June 27, 2014

Hard Knocks Inc. and No Holes Barred have knocked heads in NOHO’s home, Polaris, resulting in 60 billion ISK going up in flames.

We spoke to Hard Knocks FC, NoobMan, and will let him tell the story in his own words (edited for clarity):

[quote]NoobMan > We were actively rolling our static and came across three site running fleets.
NoobMan > 3 consecutive holes in a row
NoobMan > First hole 9.33 Chimera + Moros
NoobMan > And next hole we rolled into 3.7bil Single Moros
NoobMan > And next hole we rolled into 57.43bil from No Holes Barred
NoobMan > ok so we rolled our static. after just dunking the moros saw a cynabal on scan with a familiar ship naming scheme. so we sent 3-4 scouts out to get eyes and probe the chain.
NoobMan > first hole found from our static was a c6
NoobMan > so noticing the naming scheme of NOHO and seeing a c6 i started forming a fleet of t3’s and logi and bhaals
NoobMan > our scout find the next C6 inside the first c6
NoobMan > he jumps in and there is a devoter on the hole and our siggy updates
NoobMan > and its a c6 mag that we have tagged as NOHO home
NoobMan > after slipping by the devoter apparently unnoticed
NoobMan > our scout find a mass of capitals aligning from a POS
NoobMan > he sees their entire capital fleet warp off
NoobMan > our first thought was that they saw our scout and are reshipping in to there usual T3 fleet with 5-6 bhaals as there typical doctrine is centered around nuets
NoobMan > but to our unbelievable surprise they warped to a anom!
NoobMan > so our scout follows them and we get our fleet moving from our staging pos to our static wormhole
NoobMan > as we are landing on the hole a NOHO scout jumps into our home seeing our enitire fleet
NoobMan > and then at that point we are free burning to their home.
NoobMan > They have already sieged and triaged so they are stuck for 5 min so we have time
NoobMan > in warp to their home as a fleet i give the boys a quick pep talk
NoobMan > telling them how the primaries are goign to go down
NoobMan > we are taking out there only triage and then slaughtering their subcaps then we neut and kill each dread 1 by 1.
NoobMan > this is a C6 magnetar the damage is double 100% buff
NoobMan > our fleet lands and we go to work
NoobMan > primaries are melting
NoobMan > t3s and other subcaps are dieing before people can lock them up. and i’m calling prime secondary tertiary
NoobMan > the triage carrier melted in seconds but each dread took quite along time to kill
NoobMan > they could basically tank our dps running reps full out, but we had 6-7 neut legions and 3 bhaalgorn.
NoobMan > all of our bhaals died really quickly as they had multiple lokis and rapiers
NoobMan > last but not least the escape out of the site was intense
NoobMan > we are killing the last dread
NoobMan > and they warp in 2 nidhoggers at 100 to fully escalate the site putting another 8 sleeper guardians on field
NoobMan > each NPC sleeper has 694DPS and 36 GJ/s neuting power
NoobMan > the NPC also point and web
NoobMan > so we get a sabre bubble on one of the niddys
NoobMan > the other warped off
NoobMan > a sizable hostile NOHO t3 fleet lands on the niddy. Numbers wise I couldn’t say but around 25-30
NoobMan > so their fleet is bubbled and with the nid 100 off and the last dread is nag that is tanking really well.
NoobMan > we neut him to 0 and i call for overheat on him. their fleet is burning toward us
NoobMan > I’m asking who is pointed by the sleepers and 3-4 people call out that they are pointed
NoobMan > and like a religious miracle such as noah parting the sea. all but a few of the sleepers deagress my fleet and start burning for the NOHO fleet and tackle their hostile niddy and point and web their T3’s that are burning at us
NoobMan > all except for 1 person (in a guardian) was no longer pointed
NoobMan > our fleet was aligned and we fleet warped. bat to their static
NoobMan > i decided not to engage their fleet in the site do to the fact i know their fleet comp down to each and every ship they fly
NoobMan > i know there strategy they are a 1 trip pony
NoobMan > all of their armor T3’s fit 1-3 sensor dampeners.
NoobMan > they dam down hostile guardians and neut them and kill them. they headshot the logi first
NoobMan > damp8
NoobMan > so in a c6 mag there is a negative 50% targetting range bonus
NoobMan > plus their damps and a terrible engagement for us
NoobMan > we land on their static put up a defensive sabre bubble and align and warp the the next hole and hold
NoobMan > another reason i chose not to engage was we had lost 2 guardians
NoobMan > i called for 2 people to reship and get my guard count back up to 6 and i was goign to re-engage their fleet since they were calling us out for running.
NoobMan > we were aligned back to their hole as one of my scouts said he saw a archon on short scan
NoobMan > i fleet warp us with only 5 guards and see if we can slip back in and engage
NoobMan > their archon landed on the hole jumped through to mass the hole they had a hic with a bubble on the other side and my fleet landed at 20km off
NoobMan > we burned for the hole and the archon jumped back to purposefully collapse the WH
NoobMan > he left his HIC behind in his haste and we killed that.
NoobMan > they also had dead pilots burning back from highsec that landed in their on hic’s bubble in a shuttle and we pointed and podded that guy too
NoobMan > and that was that [/quote]

The carnage from the battle described above can be seen here