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Greedy Goblin: The man who dies rich dies disgraced…

May 23, 2014

Andrew Carnegie was a XIX century industrialist, billionaire (in current $ terms) and philantrophist. He gave away his amassed wealth for charity, explaining it with the title of the post. It means our wealth will be no longer ours anyway when we inevitably die. However by giving it away, we can decide its fate, instead of leaving it to be wasted by relatives.

Our “lifespan” in video games is very short. One who stops logging in forever is dead for the community and his wealth becomes unaccessible. Also, money itself does nothing. Actions with it do. Simply amassing wealth and luxury items make no difference to the game world when we are no longer playing. However if we give it away in our “lifetime”, we can make sure that it makes difference.

I have no idea how rich I am compared to the other EVE billionaires. No one can know the wealth of other players, probably not even devs, due to the large number of alts and corps used by the rich. Hell, I would face a several hours task to add up my wealth in various accounts and instruments.

But the part I have doesn’t matter. It would disappear if I wouldn’t log in again. What matters is the part that I’ve given away. It’s the GRR project, a charity organization to fight the prime evil in EVE: Goons. While the project would shrink badly I’d stop p(l)aying, but their already done actions and their consequences remain in the game World. The popped Goons won’t get their ships back.

There are many rich people in EVE, but most of them do nothing with their wealth. They’ll die disgraced. I wonder why don’t they participate more in the game world. Do they believe they can’t make a difference? If so, they are wrong. There are many organizations that are in need of ISK and could do more with a bigger SRP. Or are they socials who collect luxury items in hope of getting peer respect? 10th titan that doesn’t log in?

Of course there is an alternative: they aren’t as rich as they claim. Sure they don’t have to rat to replace a lost cruiser, but they can’t give dozens of billions away. Maybe they never had it. Maybe they RMT-ed it. Maybe it was taken by CCP for exploiting. Anyway, they have the image of wealth, without the power of wealth.

You can’t know how rich I am. But you can be sure that I afford giving away 8B a week for the GRR project, to pay wardecs against the slaves of Evil. That’s more than a billion a day. If you are rich, you should do the same: find a cause and put your money in it. Don’t die disgraced!

– Gevlon Goblin

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