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Greedy Goblin: Get Burned in Jita announced

April 23, 2014

Goons did not learn from the high losses last year and announced that on this weekend they will organize the third Burn Jita. I wrote already how can you turn this event into “got Burned in Jita”. This post is just a reminder and summary.

The first thing is to remember that despite minimal organized anti-Goon defense, the Goons reached pitiful 62% ISK ratio last year, which is a bad joke for suicide gankers. They are very far from being invincible, they are actually on the verge of complete disaster, held back only by propaganda. Most people who could turn it into a massacre didn’t dare to show up, believing that they’ll be fighting an uphill battle. So don’t be scared, Goons are in a very bad shape already! I loved how Warr Akini tried to spin their recent loss of highsec POCOs: “Special thanks also go out to my right-hand honky Powers Sa for being a trooper on the POCO defenses in past months and helping us transfer them to RvB as a token of goodwill”. They were defeated once in highsec this year. Time to finish their pitiful griefer pride march!

Secondly, they will have anti-wardec fleets, probably with their highsec slaves RvB. If you are a war target, do not try to battle them, use disposable ships and pods to grab a kill or two before going down.

Thirdly: if you are not a war target, you can have a massacre using ECM ships. Get green jammers on a Blackbird or Scorpion with brick armor tank, set safety to green to prevent accidents, prelock Goon Taloses and Brutixes and when they go GCC, jam them out.

Most importantly: the Burn Jita is a pogrom. Goons want to drink “highsec pubbie tears”. Give them a finger with a troll freighter or Orca. Platinum insure it, put a double-wrapped package in it with a Damage Control I inside and fly in and out. Get a clean pod. Troll goons after they wasted a fleet for an empty freighter. They lose more ISK than you do, you can simply wear them down. The total defeat of Burn Jita will happen not if every Goon explodes, but if local is full of freighters spamming: “shoot me Goons”. While PvP-ers can ruin the day of the Goon reimbursement department, only gunless “highsec pubbies” can ruin the day of the line Goon. Laugh into their face when they find the DCI in your wreck, grab a new freighter and do it again until they give up!

Remember! Burn Jita is a central event for the Goons. Take it from them and they’ll have nothing but a bombless bomber, a paplink and multi-million HP structures to grind. The belief that they can ruin your game makes them log in. Prove them wrong, laugh at them, troll them and they’ll be gone for good!

Focus your effort on Friday, the first day! If the killboards fill up with dead Goons and very few successful ganks, the majority of the Goons who can play on weekend will not “feel like” joining. On the other hand if you let them get kills on the first day, you’ll face a self-confident and bloodthirsty swarm on Saturday.

Update: I checked GSF pod losses in 2013 Burn Jita. Goons are dumb, despite they were told to use empty pods, their average pod value was 55M. 366 pods were lost, 206 were indeed empty or just a cheap +1% hardwiring, but the remaining 160 had significant value, featuring a full crystal which is perfect for a suicide Thrasher. There is also an incomplete crystal, +5 learning with 5×5% HW, +4 learning with 5×5% HW, another one. What I mean is that it pays to sit next a gate with a ganky Thrasher and grab Goon pods.

I hope the nullsec and lowsec enemies of Goons realize how vulnerable Goons are in Burn Jita and how important it is to them and come and ruin it. This is the best time to hit the bad Goons hard!

One more thing: stop writing tear crap! Goons feed on it! Posts that emanate helplessness and beg for CCP help make Goons feel big and strong. Instead, kill them or feed them troll freighters!

PS: unrelated real life research about why the poor remains poor. Poor families give more pocket money for their kids and buy more toys to them than rich families, not only wasting their money, but teaching the poor kid to waste all their money on “fun”.

– Gevlon Goblin

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