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Greedy Goblin: Defeating Burn Jita

April 8, 2014

I don’t know if the last Burn Jita was last year or will be on this one, but I’m completely sure that there won’t be any in 2015. The Goons either realize that “destroying your game” is no longer funny or tolerated, or they will be remembered this year.

This post have three purposes:

– To inform PvP-ers how to fight the Goons in Burn Jita.
– To inform “carebears” how to fight and defeat Goons during Burn Jita without a gunshot.
– To give Goons a last chance to realize their reign of terror is over and abandon their repulsive plan.

Above all, you have to realize that Burn Jita isn’t about kills. Jita is a 0.9 system, CONCORD gives 1/3 as much time for ganking as available in 0.5 ganker heavens like Uedama, Niarja or Balle. If Goons were after ship kills, they’d go there, more frequently but with less people in one go. It is not about market manipulation either, no prices changed in previous Burn Jitas, just volumes decreased (industrialists took a weekend off). Burn Jita is a pogrom. It’s only about hurting the “pubbie shitlords” and harvesting their tears to feel superior. This feeling of superiority is the most valuable asset of Goons. To defeat Burn Jita, it’s not ships to be killed, but their spirit.

Previous anti-Burn Jita attempts failed for two reasons. One is that Goons mustered stupidly overpowering force themselves and also commanded their highsec servant RvB to wardec anyone who would be of any danger to Goons. They had multiple fleets responding to any attempt to interfere with their ganking. They claimed that during Burn Jita, you cannot attack Goons and live and it was and will be true. This lead to the other reason: no matter how many ships they lost, they were winning the war, as they couldn’t care less about their ships, but they their victims and killed attackers did care. Their measurement of victory is in tears. You kill 10 ships and lose your own: you lost, because you cared about that ship while they didn’t care about their own.

To defeat the Goons in the largest suicide ganking event, you must have the state of mind of a suicide ganker: “we both explode, but it costs him much more than it is to me”. You must not try to fight the Goons, you must suicide gank them. It doesn’t mean going GCC, merely the fact that your plan must include losing your ship. Your fit, your empty pod and the way you’re flying it must make it clear that you are here to explode after taking as many Goons with you as possible. Only by obvious suicide can you prove them that you aren’t crying over your lost ship, therefore deny them tears. If they know you won’t cry over ship loss, they can’t win against you. From there you have to do one thing: interfere with their ganks, waste their time and ships. Remember that if Goons go GCC, they can’t gank for another 15 mins. So fizzling the gank at the cost of a single T1 cruiser or frigate or a few destroyers can waste 15 mins of hundreds of evildoers. The biggest enemy of a suicide gank fleet is lack of discipline. If just 1/5 of these guys go AFK and don’t sit ready when the GCC is up, the rest can just wait and curse them! A few hits can be enough to take out a hundred men fleet!

Let me give some examples! Imagine a Goon Tornado fleet sitting on the Perimiter gate to volley down expensive targets. You are a war enemy of Goons so you can freely engage. You land a brawling AHAC fleet on them, kill some, an RvB-Goon brawler blob lands on you and you die and never undock again to avoid further losing of your expensive T2 cruisers. We seen this happening last year. Instead, you must land a fleet of meta-fit destroyers on the Goons, knowing that you have about 30 seconds to live before the Goon-RvB response fleet arrives. Destroy 5-6 untanked ganky Tornadoes, lose your 10 Talwars, give GFs, reship and hit another Goon fleet.

You can ECM as war target, you just need a good warpin, about 30km from their target. You can ECM them before they open fire, completely taking out gankers. Pick the bigger ships (Talos, Brutix). Very soon they’ll kill you, but if you did it right, you fizzled their gank (practically killed all of them as they died to Concord for nothing) and got several kills booked.

If you are not war target of the Goons or any of their servants, don’t use an instalocking Hurricane to pop Goon destroyers going GCC. Last year Goons landed a few destroyers, suicide ganked you and laughed. This year, use ECM frigs or Blackbirds at best with cheap meta fit, platinum insurance, empty pod. ECM out some Goons, they are as good as dead. They can’t shoot (if enough can’t shoot, they fail the gank), they’ll die to Concord and you’ll get their kill report.

As a non-war target, you can also place AFK orbiting, brick-armor tanked, platinum insured Scorpions on the gate with green jammers. They don’t know if you are at the keyboard, so must overshot, or suicide gank you (this case just grab another one!).

The point is to make it obvious that you don’t care about your ship by losing it to them after ruining their gank. What are you waiting for?! Stockpile anti-suicide-suicide ships! I already have almost a hundred fit and ready, with insta undock and dock bookmarks in a Jita station with medical services.

Now comes the best part: truly griefing the Goons! PvP-ers can’t do it, just real “carebears”. Goons believe that you are scared of them and they are burning Jita to make you scared. They are typical schoolyard bullies, your (imagined) fear makes them feel strong. How can you ruin them? Grab your freighter or Orca and platinum insure it. Get an empty pod (you have time to mission up with an NPC corp, use the newbie corp if in hurry)! Into the freighter, put a double-wrapped package (create a courier contract by an alt for your freighter main, put the package into a can). They can’t scan the package, but they see it’s there. So off you go hauling this package in and out of Jita. Soon the Goons come and gank you. They waste the ships, the GCC and the sec status for one thing: to make you cry. So they are happy after a successful gank and open the kill report to see what was in your package. The more expensive it was, the more mad you are. But look! It’s a civilian miner or a single tritanium or even better: Damage Control I! The obviously troll package makes it clear that you did it on purpose, therefore they got no tears! They wasted all the resources for nothing!

The truth is that suicide ganking empty freighters in 0.9 is stupidly wasteful. You need like 60 T1 catalysts for it. In a 0.5 ganker heaven like Uedama, you could do it with 20 destroyers. No way a 60-men fleet can undock every 15 minutes, so about 60*25 minutes wasted on top of 120M worth ships and security status. With insurance, you can replace your losses in 2-3 hours. This is why people don’t regularly suicide gank empty freighters. Such act has about 90% ISK ratio for the ganked one. The Goons do it because they care about tear ratio. By obviously trolling them, you take tears out of the equation, leaving them with a pure ISK battle with 10% ratio. Last year they refused to gank my Orca, knowing that I wouldn’t cry and the kill itself doesn’t worth it. It’s time to litter Jita with bait Orcas and freighters and prove that you didn’t mind losing it by carrying troll package!