The following video has been made by Black Legion. In this video you will see some Sundays fun with Brave Newbies. Including footage of a great CFC bomb run and a smartbombing battleship.

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  • dude

    I watched BL Crows get murdered when the decided to engage a Goon Harpy fleet at close range, do you have that video?

    • The Obvious

      As soon as you post it.

    • CFC grunt

      Harpy fleet, best fleet

      • Dino

        Nerf harpies

      • Pocket devils they are.

    • Dumbledore

      Given the veiled smugness in your post, I suppose you have that video.

      • Matthew

        Ask and ye shall receive

        • Dumbledore

          Sir Matthew, please let me thank you for removing the veil of disbelief that once shrouded my vision. I now see that also the mighty can fall.

    • Idiota

      What did you expect would happen when crows went against harpies at close range?

  • JoveBishop

    Pro pvp faggots bragging about newbie kills.

    • JoveBishop likes da cock

      whats your point? if you dont like being killed, go back to highsec.

  • I miss EMP :(

    I swear i heard Kurators voice in there but he didn’t say “ya get me” so I’m unsure

  • Simon pieman

    I love how these Elite pvp types love to pad their killboards shooting the brave newbs, i love it even more when they record their crazy skills and show to world looking for praise.

    You just look like noobs BL.

    • Chris

      Don’t bash BL. Everyone knows they’re the pinnacle of elite PvP.

    • bla

      Hey: HERO comes to Curse to get some PvP, what you expect? That all the other noobs come to curse also? They’re there to get dunked and dunked again.

      • lol

        No one is saying you should feel bad for dunking brave, we are saying you should feel like idiots for stomping on brave and then making a video about your awesome win over the alliance that prides itself on having no fucking idea what it is doing 99% of the time in 0.0 style pvp.

      • Guy

        Sure, but don’t brag about killing one or two month old characters in an alliance that’s full of new or casual players.

  • Andrew Metzger

    I am suddenly overcome with gratitude for my FC, and his crisp clear speech.

    • Envy

      You don’t have to understand him.
      BL members do.. and he does a pretty good job, proven time and time again.

      • I wouldn’t mind joining BL

        Sooo if i understand him does that make me a BL member too?

      • Simon pieman

        Its a shame i can’t downvote you, instead i have to write here.

        • Chris

          Why disquis removed the feature I have no idea.

    • lol

      If you don’t understand you are probably terrible at pvp and in a shit alliance.

      • lol

        Or maybe he isn’t used to listening to an FC who sounds like he has a dick in his mouth when he talks.

  • TMC

    dialogue of the fight
    “lajdlkjaslfjalslkasjdflkajsdf, asfdlsadjflkasdjflklasdjflkdasfjl, aslddfjlkasdjflkasdjflkasdjfljasdf, anchor anchor anchor anchor anchor, adojlkajflkasdjfljasdlfjl, aljdlkajsdflkajsdfljasdfadlfjldasfjasdf, kajfldkjalfjsdalfkjasdlfjasdlfjasdf, kill frigs kill frigs kill frigs kill frigs, akdjlkajsflkjasdfkljasdfl, askdjlkasjflkadsjflkasdjflkasdjfl, asdlfjasdlfjasdlfjdsalfjasdlfjasdlf”

    Update: FC confirms he just got back from the dentist and had not taken the shit out of his mouth.

  • Red Orchestra

    So BL. trying to prove they are relevant by taking on noobs? This is amusing. I am not sure if it’s actual crow in alliance logo, chicken would fit better based on what I see.

  • bigbonedbobby

    brave welcomes content doesnt matter what alliance ticker you got come
    and fight us 🙂 just dont escalate to a level we cant match sp wise and
    you will get a fight.

  • Chief Gumbo Speaker

    So what happened to the BL war with CFC exactly? They found an easier target in Brave Newbies?

    • Chris

      I’m pretty sure an alliance the size of BL can’t contest a coalition the size of the CFC. Fights get undoable really fast.

    • lol

      BL would have to stop sucking CFC dick long enough to fight them!

      BL, imaginary pvp without CFC meatshield.

    • Guy

      Probably. BL routinely gets the CFC diplos onto them anytime they start to make any impact. The last time they were doing any serious fighting with the CFC was during the first half of the Fountain war with TEST.

  • ThatDude

    Doesn’t show numerous times BL getting dunked by HERO.

    • BNI Hero

      Link a battle report! from what i have seen, we have yet to win a fight of any sort.

  • Troika

    Huntbuzz NR 1!!!

  • oh god

    Awful FCing, how can you understand that. Hes terrible.

    • Chris

      Except Elo is generally regarded as one of the best FCs in the game.

      • Mike

        he was until he started sucking mittanis cock to get on the winning side for killboards sake. (oh and his wallets sake)

        • Chris

          That doesn’t mean he’s a bad fc. It just means he has no spine.

  • lol

    Did they really just make a movie about stomping the noobiest aliance into the ground as if that actually means something?

    • Leonn Trotsky

      I’ve been playing a month and a half (BNI), and in the past two weeks have been blown up by some of the most space-famous fc’s over and over again. I was totally one of the frigs that got smartbombed in that. It’s cool seeing it on EVE news and we appreciate the content!

      • lol

        Please don’t take this as me making fun of you, I started in frigs too, getting wasted by vets. But for the vets to make a video of beating you and posting it to a news site like they achieved something is just so … meh.

  • Elo picking me as primary, proud day that was 😛

  • Leonn Trotsky

    I 100% got wrecked by that smart bomb. Such content! Gf and come back anytime 🙂