QPO: Taking out the Trash

For the next few weeks we’re going to be cleaning up our home territory in the Northwest, which has been run roughshod over by a team of also-rans and nobodies such as Triumvirate and Mordus Angels (who will be laughably proud of being mentioned in a CEO Update) while we were busy fighting in the largest and most significant bloc war in recent history. This means siegework and capital-guardian fleets, and a metric fuckton (that’s a term of precise measure, fyi) of tower killmails.

– The Mittani

Maybe a bad choice of words?

Goonswarm suffered a crushing loss today against Triumvirate. & friends as the goons have finally started operation ‘taking out the Trash’. It seems quite the opposite has happened when Goons flooded the field with a dominix and ferox fleet with there usual tactics but the outnumbered triv ishtars did there thing and went to work.


  • Seraph IX Basarab
    • Chris

      I don’t get it…

      • Seraph IX Basarab

        Eh, you have to watch the stand up. He’s a great comedian.

        • fermaguel

          god, that guy is hit or miss in his jokes. but when they hit its a wrecking shot.

        • Blah

          He’s a 5 star retard, and that is all.

  • Chris

    Rofl spacemonkeys

    They’re so bad they hurt whatever side they’re on.

    • Fartolio

      Rofl. 20 domis against 55 maels. Yeah they are hurt. Where did they touch you? ;)

  • Billbo

    It’s fucking SMA and Lawn, Nuff said

    • Blah

      It’s cfc enough said, without 4:1 odds their more useful than a nose bleed.

      • Derp

        No more useful don’t you mean, would say a nose bleed is infact more useful than cfc when they don’t have 4:1 odds or close.

    • Seraph IX Basarab

      Saw GSF and FA there too.

      • Billbo

        it’s tackle, they are expected to be sacrificed to the Blood God

        • Seraph IX Basarab

          GSF tackles in logi Scimitars now?

    • Unironically Meta

      with a GSF FC, judging by the vulture kill.

      • Lawl

        Liris Nairn or what ever his scrub name is.


    GG TRI

  • Adolf Mittler

    Kim Jong Mittens speech about taking out the trash, so he wasn’t referring to disbanding cfc then? Oooooooooh riiiiiiiiiiight.

  • Ermagerd

    Lawl cfc proving as tradition that when they have fairly equal numbers they fail to do anything more than fail magnificently.
    I mean Jesus they couldn’t even kill a Ishtar o

  • Trebron Znieh

    Please again and again. Learn the difference between there and their. Noone can read this crap without shuddering.

    • notnative

      yea.. probably noone native english speaking grammar nazi can read it… Just all the other non – english native speakers are intelligent enough to see that it was a mistake ..but still know what he ment…

      • heinznorbert

        or some (maybe not native-english speaking ) heinz norbert ^^

  • Yatesy189

    Man I love Tri I was in Tri mark 1 from the beginning to the end and was probably the most fun I ever had in Eve to be honest. Maybe I should rejoin this new Tri they seem to be having fun like we were in good old days minus the Deklien space ofc

  • EN24 is shit

    This isn’t a battle report, it’s a quote from the GSF CEO update and a link to Eve-kill.

  • heh

    Triumverite already learned their mistakes from provi on how to use a drone fleet to take out a larger less skilled drone fleet. I was in that less skilled drone fleet to see what they would learn. Domi fleets unless snipe fit, will probably not take out that fleet. good luck nooby goons. also fyi, feroxes won’t have the range either.

    • gert

      a good bomb run has nothing to do with “better skilled” drone fleets. but yeah, some propaganda is always good ….

      • heh

        its not really propaganda… there are drone fleets designed for noobs, and drone fleets designed for people who trained more skills. Christ, do we have to have this stupid f1 is better argument when it wasn’t what I was referring to?

        • gert

          does it really matter if fleets are designed for noobs or pro if a bomber support fleet blows up the enemy fleet ?

  • Gilles Navarien

    “Crushing Loss” is a couple of Domi’s and a bunch of throw away BC’s? The north is lost, VFK by Easter

    • DamageControl2

      Didnt want that fleet anyway!

      • Gilles Navarien

        Didn’t say we didn’t try to win the fight, but i’m just questioning the hilarious wording of “Crushing Loss”, by this scale BL just suffered a “Complete Obilteration, Alliance Disbanding Slaughter”.

        But yes your right i’m being picky, I just don’t know what we call B-R if 40 Ferox’s is a Crushing Loss.

  • ScrubswithNumbers

    CFC is shit at eve. Shocker.

  • Mass

    futher in the day… MOA destroys CFC harpy fleet, and MOA and TRI kill a goon carrier :) nice start to the month…

  • CFC Grunt

    Yeah where were all those ishtars when we took down multiple Tri poses earlier in the day?

    Probably hiding since then we were “outnumbering” them with something other than feroxes.

  • nomadpls

    “outnumbered triv ishtars did there thing and went to work.”


  • Count Sacula

    With all the sperging how goons suck it is a wonder how they consistently shit kick everyone they fight. Doesn’t speak well of the ones who lose.

    • Chris

      At some point it doesn’t matter how good you are. When you’re fighting 3:1 odds (or more), you’re going to lose.

    • Johnno

      Dude you have no clue, they just drop numbers and if they lose they drop more numbers. That’s how CFC does it. They are truly no match for any mediocre pvp alliance. In fact CFC suck big.

      • Count Sacula

        The ignorance of eve players is astounding. You guys are not able to see the big picture here. Being good at pvp is about 10% of the war.

        CFC has:
        Highly motivated members
        Tons of ISK
        Sleeper agents/Awoxing

        Rest of eve has:
        PVP skills

        I know which side is going to win every war before it starts. It is like playing a football game and having a great passing offense but losing on run game, 3rd down eff, red zone eff, time of possession, penalties, kick return avg, punt return avg, run def, pass def, turnover diff, and expecting to win the game and then bitching about it when you lose that you should have won.

        • Chris

          I don’t think anyone is disputing that. Its always worth a chuckle though regarding how many dudes it takes for CFC to be effective as opposed to other alliances.

          • Konrad

            So would you care to elaborate a bit on these two killmails from NC dot:

            Odds 103 to 1
            Odds 24 to 1

            Why is it so despicable to outnumber your enemy in a fleetbattle for example 4 to 1 ( In B-R CFC had 2,21 times the N3 numbers) but it is perfectly ok for you to drop 103 guys on 1?

            CFC would have had to drop about 380.000 pilots into B-R to get the same ratio 0f 103 to 1!
            Where is the fair good fight and the leet tactics in those killmails? Where is the chance for the single pilot to fight back. Face facts dudes, you are equally bad at this game and have to rely on numbers to win and when you loose a fleetbattle you come here to cry because you ran out of friends that could have helped you.

          • Chris

            You must be new to eve-kill.



            Those are the battle reports for each respective kill. As you can see, there was nothing like 103:1 or 24:1. You can’t just pick a single kill out of a larger fight and say we outnumbered them some large number to one.

            We outnumbered them slightly in the first fight, but that was more of a gank of unprotected dreads, so numbers aren’t as relevant.

            Second fight we were clearly outnumbered. That, was a damn good fight.

    • yoyoyoyoeastsidewestside

      numbers > skill in EVE.
      With those rules: Goons win.

      sub tidi fights: they get stomped by even trial miners.

      • Fartolio

        That’s why Tri lost POS’s today? Because they acted like trial miners?

    • YOLO

      No it’s simple, they are shit but having 4x more shit than the other side does eventually overwhelm a more experienced (better) force.
      Their consistency is in winning wars through overwhelming odds, it’s a rarity they win fights however, since the occasional fight they do win tends to end the war lol (B-R) as example.

  • Spectral Beef Warrior

    I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a news article worthy of EN24. Bravo!

  • Javier Wilcox

    it’s amazing how these bads never lose their retarded optimism

    • bob

      Hard to lose optimism when you own half of eve

      • Javier Wilcox

        I was talking about n3 and the garbage

        • Lawful-Insanity

          LOl says the tool that needs 3 to 1 odds at least to even fight. LOLOLOLOL

          • Javier Wilcox

            keep spinning your excuses for being bad in internet spaceships

        • guest

          Stupid sheep seeking safety in extreme numbers is garbage. N3 and others choose challenging fights.

          Didn’t the old NC get back stabbed by the goons? I noticed the NC members then ran like sheep to join them? Notice how the DRF wiped out the NC but left the goons intact to rebuild them under new management?

  • just sayin’

    Like 10 domis is a fleet now. Good news this one.

  • Spar

    I think this was a better example of outmanned and outgunned. Fun fight to boot

  • guest

    This is story makes me want to resub play again.

  • Figgernaggot69

    >Wins one battle. all smug
    >Does not mention any previous losses and lost timers