A PL titan just got tackled at the goon staging system.

The PL titan got tackled after an attempt to perform a drive-by in the Goon staging system. After scoring a CO2 Carrier kill he aligned out but a CFC dic got a hold of him and pointed the titan.

Live Stream:
Watch live video from Nick_Fuzzeh on

Updates from the Battlefield:
-PL Slowcat & Super support fleet jumped in on titan grid and started killing HICs & DICs*
-Local went up to 1200*
-CFC undocked Domi’s*

(23:41:26) ET: !!! Hey its ALERT-ALERT-ALERT from [email protected]/ebe909a !!!

More supers tackled! Fleet up under Gree. TS OP 1. MAX DUDES NOW. *

-PL Erebus is in 50% shields

drwal1976 > what about this tackled Pls titan ?
alphastarpilot > he is being saved
alphastarpilot > tons of supers and slowcats on him
alphastarpilot > no chanche he will die
alphastarpilot > CFC just keeping them tackled

-CFC Pings:

(3:02:41 PM) directorbot: could you all do me a favor and stop suiciding into the 150 slowcat supers we are purposefully ignoring?*** This was a broadcast from vily to all-all

  • GrouchyOldGamer

    Don’t bother watching, it’s going to get away.

    • Simon pieman

      Dont say that, this titan needs to die Death2AllSupers

      • GrouchyOldGamer

        Everyone and their dog undocked, PL jumped in loads of other dudes – tidi cranks up the point where it won’t die.

        • Simon pieman

          Aye i was watching, its a shame when the biggest coalition in the games history cant kill a tackled titan on the undock of the station their coalitions staging system.

          Or maybe I’m just a pessimist.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            Once they dropped the archon blob on it that was that really.

          • cfc

            Tidi killed this fight tock 30 min to log in and undock. There was noway to counter this titan and carrier’s dune game mechanics.

          • LOL

            Yea keep telling yourself that while mittani RMT’s all the cfc’s isk because with half of eve as income + a rental empire there is ZERO excuse for not being able to build up the biggest super fleet ever seen.

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            inb4 cfc disbands and mittens runs off with every penny to never be seen again….. ALSO KNOWN AS A CHRIS ROBERTS MANOUVRE

          • Sieveboy

            I guess being a fact free zone helps you cover the day to day reality you are fighting a lot of angry and drunken Russians and the CFC. No matter, in the time it took for me to: 1 log in, 2 get in fleet, 3 undock, 4 wait, 5 wait, 6 wait etc actually undock. N3 had started dropping archons and supers, even though we had blapped the cyno nemesis. Time dilation meant my normal 10 to 20 second actions were measured in minutes. Hence they, N3PL, were able to save their drive by titan. You can sperg more if you want, but it is really rather hollow chest beating.

          • You post a wall of screaming sperg and end it by calling everyone else a spergie. God I’m glad I’m not with the CFC.

          • Sieveboy

            You are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. The above is all factual statement, to point out that LOL is full of hyperbole and terrible untruths. I mean if he has proof that dear leader is RMTing he should take it to CCP. He (it is a he I presume) just runs around EN24 spouting it devoid of the reality, whilst the reality as I just lived it being unable to kill that titan because of :CCP: giving the advantage to N3PL via Tidi. I am sure you will just spout sperg at me again. Please do, it really is terribly amusing and far more fun that shitty Xmas jumpers.

          • LOL

            That’s the beauty of an allegation of the mittani RMTing it’s my opinion and i don’t have to have proof lol. CFC won’t commit it’s super fleet because they can’t replace it. Come to think of it hmm lets see.
            Does the CFC have a super cap program to get ppl into supers? NOPE
            Does the CFC have super cap replacement programs? NOPE
            Does the CFC have enough isk for the above 2 as income? HELL YEA
            Does the CFC have any stock pile of anything? NOPE
            Dread or carriers stockpile ready for such a war as this one? NOPE
            Does the CFC have Skirmish FC’S? YEP
            Does the CFC have Main Fleet FC’s? YEP
            Does the CFC have Super cap FC? FUCKING NOPE
            And ya know that for each side to commit their supers in that EPIC battle we are all waiting for the side that loses it pretty much done right? We’re talking end game battle here not just your ordinary tidi lag fest.
            And you know what’s guna happen when CFC super fleet and N3/PL super fleet finally meet? NODE FUCKING CRASH that’s what.
            Also there’s the small problem of half of the CFC titans being Shield titans and practically ALL of their supers being nyx’s or aeons lol.

          • Sieveboy

            It’s funny, you’re right, but for the wrong reasons, allow me to expand for you:

            Does the CFC have a super program? it is a responsibility of individual alliances.
            Does the CFC have super cap replacement programs? See above.
            Does the CFC have enough isk for the above 2 as income? Income is shared amongst the individual alliances, affecting the answer above.
            Does the CFC have any stock pile of anything? Alliances may or may not have stockpiles.
            Dread or carriers stockpile ready for such a war as this one? Alliances may or may not have stockpiles.
            Does the CFC have Skirmish FC’S? YEP
            Does the CFC have Main Fleet FC’s? YEP
            Does the CFC have Super cap FC? Seeing as the CFC deployed supers in Asakai, it is presumable there are such FCs.

          • Me

            Have you prove that the mattani RMTs, if so tell CCP of your findings.
            If you have no prove, other then sperging bullshit on a fourm id keep quiet,
            because you just look like a fool

          • Makalu

            you sound mad. OMG someone insulted our god emperor Mittani…MUST get people not to post shit on da internets

          • Robbie

            Doesn’t bode well for cfc.

          • ERMAHGERD

            Naw, you speak the truth. It is pretty hilarious being their staging syst and all…

  • Really?

    Obvious bait is obvious… (to everyone except the CFC of course)
    Do they really think they could tackle a N3 titan.

    • Simon pieman

      Yes clearly they do, tbh baiting on the undock of the staging system is a special type of stupid

      • the boy

        Appearently it isnt

        • Simon pieman

          Quite clearly doing anything in front of goons is fair game as they lack the ability to muster a decent amount of dps, its a glowing reference to the state of this game atm.

          It amazes me they didnt get a ton of Mega’s blaster fit and didn’t just blast through the reps, surely a full fleet of blaster megas would be enough, 250ish 1000 dps megas is quite the punch.

          But maybe i am simply over simplifying it, but that and 30 dreads would still turn a profit in the isk ratio.

          • auslander

            it’s why we can’t have nice things…

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            With a slowcat blob on the undock blapping you as you exit the station there really isn’t much you can do. All the DPS in the World isn’t going to help if you can’t form the fleet in space. PL got numbers in fast and sitting on the undock they were never going to lose.

          • quest

            ahh, ahh, more tears, please! more!

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            I sold 30 sabres in 15 minutes, I was pretty happy tbh.

          • Quest

            It is good answer :), thank you, I back me words.

          • ur posts make me laugh.

            ROFL lack of DPS… that’s a good one piehole thanks for the laugh. As if there is anything in this game short of a titan blob that can out DPS 150 slowcats with cap reps all repping the same most likely officer/deadspace fit titan.

          • Simon pieman

            There is 30k+ people in CFC, if you cant kill a few hundred carriers you are doing it wrong, surely?

            10k dps from a sieged moros, a carrier not in triage can rep about half that (prolly less tbh), so surely drop 100 dreads to counter their 100 carriers and they will chew through, this is without your clear subcap advantage and ofc home system/reship advantage, if they escalate then you escalate, if you cant win the big fights you cant win the war.


          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It was never going to be a big fight, it was going to be a six hour tidi yawnfest ending in a node crash – over one titan. Not sure burning all that effort over one titan rather than a timer would have been worth it.

            Nothing is going to happen in this war for a few more weeks yet.

          • Shadoo`s Eyebrow`s

            “didnt wanna kill that titan neway”

            here fixed that for ya

          • Simon pieman

            It just strikes me as kinda sad that such a rich and illustrious group as CFC cant break a spider tanking carrier group, in fountain they would of smashed it, but it seems CFC has lost its edge, its fear factor, they seem from the outside just ready for the whipping and that’s a shame.

          • Jaime Gomes

            250ISH 1000 dps megas is arround 33 ac nags. GG not having 100 slows tanking it like it was breakfast.

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      Are you pretending to be a moron?

    • Scott L

      Tackle it, sure…..
      Kill it……Seems unlikely.

  • Tidi sucks

    Atch with that tidi is boring as hell

  • it is kind of funny, how the cfc’s greatest assets (their massive numbers) really hurt their ability to fight because of tidi.

    • GrouchyOldGamer

      It was those meerkat films where they all come out of the hole to see what’s happened at the same time. 1000 nerds undock to look at the titan – tidi and fuck all happens.

    • Really

      Seriously? Cause maybe you’ve never been in a fight with Slowcats but when 150 carriers drop drones it kinda puts the system into a bind.

      • Makalu

        OMG…150 carriers *sniff* *sniff*. Our 1000 man fleet can’t take that. Lets whine about drone assign and lag…cause it’s clearly ONLY the drones fault, our 400 domis have absolutely nothing to do with it. Sometimes I wonder if CFC members are delusional of straight up stupid.

        • Nyan Lafisques

          I mean… If Mittani said so, it must be true right ?

      • Simon pieman

        I have to admit I read somewhere they said that TIDI is less created by the 1000’s of drones and more by the 1000’s of players in systems, ofc it doesn’t help but it seems the perfect counter to CFC and their hordes of players is lots of carriers.

        I’m sort of intrigued with how you are gonna counter it, it seems CFC is unwilling it escalate and bring in supers so who knows.

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          I think the argument made by some against slowcats is that they have now made it pretty much impossible to take a station. If EMP start making station timers in Vale you’ll see CFC spamming slowcats there as well. It just strikes me as odd that the game now enables you to no longer require pretty much any subcap fleet. Obviously if you’re PL/NC. you’d disagree – which is fair enough, I’m not a gamer designers so it’s merely one players opinion.

          Drones require skills, which means every-time you ask a drone to do something it requires a check against your skill sheet – the same for all other modules.

          • Chris

            Anti support frigfleet isn’t subcaps?

          • anonymous

            I believe you are wrong in that regard. If you put slowcats on a station our response would be simple, we would simply drop titans and supercarriers into the fight and take out as many as possible before you dock. After you all dock we flip the station and spam bubbles and hellcamp the system waiting for you to attempt a breakout from the station you can no longer dock in. I also think that you are wrong that subcap fleets are not required. The only reason we have had near perfect success with slowcats is because you are too afraid to use your supercarriers/titans which you almost certainly have at least close numbers to us. I’ll leave you to ponder why having subcap superiority would benefit you greatly in a supercapital fight.

    • Numbers don’t like you.

      Riiiiiight, its all the sub caps causing the lag because as we all know 150+ carriers dropping 1500+ sentry drones every 20 minutes when range changes has nothing to do with lag.

      • DubbaYooArr

        Thats what slowcats do.. modern bloc warfare shows itself in the form of 1000+ man fights. TiDi is unavoidable, you can’t expect sentry drones to simply be not used so that tidi is better. Enough with the ‘sentry drones tidi’ whining. Whether you like it or not slowcats are a valuable fleet doctrine and sentry drones are their weapon. They are here to stay, tidi or not.

        • N3_Grunt

          +1 Amen to that brother! Amen

      • Sentries have no skills and don’t move. Movement is of course the bulk of what happens in a game engine (as opposed to a rendering engine). It’s the 1500 CFC players, not the 1500 sentry drones, that are killing the nodes.

        • GrouchyOldGamer

          Sentries do have skills, when you fire a sentry your skills define their damage.

          • Nyan Lafisques

            Same thing happens with your ships guns too then.
            Oh wait, you guys use sentries too !

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            Drone assist is totally OP and gay why on Earth are you surprised we’d use it?

        • asdf

          Sentry drones do move, actually. They move at 1 m/s towards whatever they are engaging because Can’t Code Properly.

      • Kirk Otsito

        Hey guess what the primary weapon is for a domi fleet? Dont know? Its drone so lets do some math 150 archons IF all are lvl 5 is 1500 drones now lets say the cfc bring 300 domis which is well within what they are capable of thats another 1500 drone Plus another 150 ships the cfc brought so how about you cfc n3fucktards think and do some math and ull see its both parties causing the lag and node crashes for gods sake. P.S this is not representative of every fight but for the Fights the cfc brought domis too they have no right to bitch and niether does n3 except maybe cfc cause they are too big of cowards to counter the slowcats which admittedly have better survivability but n3 needs that advantage with their serious disadvantage numbers wise.


    CFC … do yourselves a favor and fold.

    • Kinis Deren

      It does make you wonder if some CFC alliances might be preparing exit strategies before it is too late. 😉

  • DrkyDrky

    Omegafleet still in the cooker… Until its rdy, kind of pointless for CFC/DTF to engage the Slowcat fleet.


    • RUSRUS

      Omegafleet was countered with Wreckingball before it came out of the oven.



      • N3_Grunt


      • Milley

        Thankfully this isn’t played over comms while the fleet is active LOL.

  • .

    Did it get away, the stream isn’t working?

    • Ganimoth

      yes, it did.

  • N3 Pet

    They posted it on

    • Ganimoth


      • N3 Pet

        That was kinda the joke… awww NM

  • ca

    That was fun. Keep dropping them slows/supers it’s having effect you desired.
    Bought my son the new ps4, new games and fucking controller (will be mine) over Xmas.

  • Jaime Gomes

    “could you all do me a favor and stop suiciding into the 150 slowcat supers we are purposefully ignoring?” – Top then EVE online 2013 sentences.

    • Kamar Raimo

      Yeah, just before the end of the year CFC came up with the best newspeak euphemism for “camped in station and not capable to do anything about it” That is now called “purposefully ignoring”.

      • where did the CFC touch you?

        Funny how when the CFC are camped in their station people say they are “camped in station and not capable to do anything about it” When they camp you in they are “avoiding fights” lol gotta love how much hate and selective memory is involved with hating the CFC.

        • Kamar Raimo

          You are reading me wrong. I am not hating the CFC. The thing only is, that any opponent would say “Don’t undock, we are hellcamped.”

          What I hate is that damn spin they have to put on everything. Just tell it as it is and don’t try to make yourself look good when you’re not.

          • sadleric

            Now kiss.

            Kamar, other dude. Kiss.

    • Dumbledore

      I think I missed the seppuku party

      • gaijin

        Isn’t that Harakiri…or whats the difference between the two ?

        • neon

          Seppuku is ritualized with spectators.
          Harakiri is more like “shit i gotta go…”
          Figure out yourself what’s more fitting for what happened 😀

  • Karma_Will_Get_You

    Seriously! TIDI fucking ruins the experience of the pvp game.

    • N3 Grunt

      And what’s your alternative solution? Do you not remember a time before TiDi? It took 10 minutes before taking any action actually did anything. At least now it only takes 2-3 before your gun actually shoots

      TiDi gives the server a chance to process the mass flow of messages much easier than if it was all going normal speed… Obviously TiDi isn’t enjoyable and everyone wishes the server would run at normal speeds, but please tell me how this is worse than literally 10+ minutes before each request you make actually gets sent

      • Karma_Will_Get_You

        2-3? I wish it were that fast. Top it off with the risk of having the node crashing. It’s just not fun at all. I know it’s better than nothing but some people can’t affort to stay hours logged on. Some actually work for a living. Plus it gives the enemy wayyyy too much time to think. Alternative solution well ccp needs to put more resources into fixing it.

        • Cloora

          You just don’t get it. You must not be old enough of a player to have experienced pre TiDi fleets.

          #1 – Less numbers crashed the nodes
          #2 – Before it crashed you were trying to guess if it was already crashed and your client didn’t know by seeing if your modules turned on and off.
          #3 – This happened with 1/3 as many people on a node as it does now
          #4 – TiDi is better in every single way. Ofc it isn’t perfect but whatever CCP does to increase what the servers can handle EVE has grown as a game and keeps pushing past that. It is a never ending cycle.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            Agreed, before tidi you weren’t even sure you were actually playing.

          • Anhenka

            But at least when you BSOD on jumping into a crowded system you could write yourself off as already podded within 5 minutes if you didn’t load and go do something else.

            One thing I absolutely do not miss was gate chicken with neither side able to jump into the other without mass death. 75% of the time both sides went home.

          • Lionel Joeseph

            Yeah those days sucked massive hairy cross dressing balls.

          • Mikey

            Pre-TiDi blobs were more limited, the biggest fight i was involved in had just over 1000 in local, now 4000 is routine.

    • Kullen

      How ever bad you think TiDi is, it was magntudes times worse before. In ti you can atleast see whats happening rather than ending up in a new clone in a station with a killmail comming in a few hours/next DT after jumping a gate/titan bridge and then stareing at a black screen for 30 min and 3 relogs.

      • BobFromMarketing

        Actually the last few patches have made server stability far worse. In the past we have seen fights of 2-4k with 10% tidi without node crashes. In the past few months however we have yet to peak over 2k without a complete node crash, even on a reinforced node. Something needs to be done about the Eve backend and quick.

        • Anhenka

          Certainly not helped by the increasing use of drone heavy setups by all sides. 1500 chars with 1kish drone assist boats are almost certainly higher load than 2k maelstroms or rail megathrons.

          • BobFromMarketing

            Would be a good point except fights like Asakai which were primarily supercaps and had thousands of fighter bombers deployed without a node crash.

          • It’s not stationary drones that cause the problem, it’s moving pilots and their skill queues. When the CFC blobs thousands of players into a system, node crash results.
            No matter how powerful CCP makes their servers, CFC will always cram enough into the system to crash it.

          • try and keep up.

            Riiiiight, the game having to calculate the hit chance/damge depending on type/resistances/fire time/control commands/incoming damage for 2000+ drones has no effect on the server at all.

            Interesting side note back when we rioted in jita and lagged it all to fuck, part of what helped make the lag was people dropping as many drones as possible with different damage types to make the server have to calculate it all out for each individual drone.

          • 2000 players is worse than 250 players and their 3000 drones, that’s what I’m saying.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            It’s the same problem, just a different scale. I think drone assist probably doesn’t help because you’re getting 1000 drones all firing at the sametime … who knows.

          • The really fun programming for CCP would be to combine all drones on a single assist into a single computational object bound to multiple rendering objects, which they can then balance as a whole based on group size, etc.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            More likely they just nerf drone assist, path of least resistance and all that.

          • Simon pieman

            nerf it how though? on a smaller scale there is nothing wrong with drone assist, also it is easily countered by simply killing the drones with smartbombs or bombs, it strikes me as a little pathetic that there is so much whine.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            Not sure why making people fire their own weapons is so controversial? I’d scrap fleet warp while I was at it – make bombers an actual skill again.

          • Chris

            The annoying part is, depending on how it gets nerfed, carriers will go back to never being used except for repping structures. Its kind of hard to find a happy medium.

          • GrouchyOldGamer

            I use mine as golfbags, to move ships around. You have a good point.

        • Varesk

          CCP has admitted they messed something up and have been “patching” the issues that caused the node deaths. A QA department would be a good investment for CCP, along with new code and hardware.

          • they don’t care

            CCP has a QA dept. They just underfund and ignore it as best they can.

        • Ur Stupid

          Drones. ’nuff said.

      • valon

        i agree i remember uemon that was just insanity

    • Kamar Raimo

      Actually there was no TiDi when only PL/N3 was there. All of the TiDi was created by the masses of CFC guys undocking. Once they went away TiDi dropped to nothing.

      So if CFC would just commit caps and supers instead of trying to counter 100 caps&supers with 2000 sentry domis, things would be fine.

      • stop pretending to be dense

        LOL, so what your saying is they should play fair and leave their sub caps docked and undock their caps so you can drop another 200 sentry carriers and doomsday a dread with drone fire every 20 seconds.

        Gee, I wonder why they don’t do that?

        • Kamar Raimo

          Nah. All I’m saying is they can stop pretending they are the “newbie friendly blob alliance” and commit some real firepower against an enemy who fights on the same scale.

          Wake up CFC, it’s not the fountain war anymore.

          • Me

            You are right this is not fountain its supers online dropping slowcats and supers every fight will draw ccp to nerf sentries rr carriers.
            NC/PL are fucking nullsec for every1 including themselves.
            Because they will turn all of null blue/rent space

          • Duff

            Are you saying that CFC are purposely failing in the hope that CCP with nerf drone assist? That’s pretty desperate.

            Even if they nerf the assist it will just go back to people in ships assigning drones to the primary being called out. Yes pilots will have to pay attention now but that’s about it.

          • Me

            it will make a huge difference in the alpha of drones

          • Makalu

            cause you need to alpha to kill sieged dreads right…right…right?

          • anonymous

            They’ve done that before with titan tracking, intentionally taking high signature ships against titans so that they all would die and then they could complain to ccp about it on the forums.

          • doesnt mean it wont happen

            It may be desperate but it sure as hell won’t be the first time it worked. Any one remember when you could drop a titan fleet and use it to kill everything including frigates?

          • The CFC already controls like 3/4 of nullsec, and you’re siding with them because you don’t want a giant blue doughnut?

            Do me a favor and pass me that sweet shit you’re smoking.

        • DubbaYooArr

          ? Or they can use the caps they have spent time and resources building in order to get results against a force willing to drop caps at the drop of a dime. CFC usually whelps some fleet doctrine in war and adjusts to come up with a great counter, fountain’s megas, however this time their plan isnt working and they can’t counter n3pl well enough hence all the complaining about OP slowcats and slowcat blobs. CFC is capable of dropping sufficient cap fleets to fight but prefer instead to max out tidi using subcaps without enough dps to break the slowcat chains and bring the war to the forum

        • BobFromMarketing

          Ironic name you picked there. If the CFC wanted to make any real headway against the slowcat blob they have no choice but to drop supercaps. You know that class of ship designed from the ground up to kill capitals? Ya, that one. Since they refuse to do so they can keep floundering around hilariously with a huge fuckpile of subcaps and cause massive tidi and server crashes.

          • ur still being dense.

            That’s a good idea right there…lets undock all the supers and have PL./NC./N3 drop all theirs and then… oh wait there’s still several hundred slowcats repping the other supers… you’re still being dense.

          • BobFromMarketing

            Ya man god forbid the oldest and largest coalition in the game have the numbers to counter a supercap fleet of a group less than half their size.

      • truth

        no they would lose their caps and supers just like every other time they have used them

        • Kamar Raimo

          Well, in that case they can admit defeat and sue for peace already. I don’t think the CFC is that incapable. They have massive amounts of resources, lots of old players, several alliances with (super)cap ships.

          There’s always that claim that NC/PL have supercap superiority. How can that be after CFC building up an empire for so many years?

          • Ming Tso

            Eve requires four things to succeed:
            1. ISK
            2. Skillpoints
            3. Social Networking
            And 4. Flight experience

            CFC have the first three.

          • Kamar Raimo

            I would say they have all four, but what they lack is a sense of perspective in this war. There is a time and place for the newbie blob, but it is not here and not now.

            TEST failed in the Fountain War in exactly that way: They thought they could bring comedy Talwar fleets to fight a serious war machine that outclassed them (using slowcats btw) Now we are seeing the same thing again one level up. Sentry Domis against slowcat/supercap fleets.

            PL/N3 are not some pushover scrubs. You can not just throw numbers at them and hope they will be intimidated. These days the l33t PVP crews are prepared for that sort of tactic and they account for it.

            Hell, even back in the days of the Great War it stopped working. Goons didn’t achieve a military victory. They won because they out-metagamed BoB.

            The PL/N3 coalition is a different beast. The same tricks wont work on them.

          • Me

            NC/PL are turning null sec into caps/supers online this the worst thing to happen to eve and its only a matter of time before ccp steps in and nerfs the stupid drone assist that causes masive imbalence and lag

          • AxelRose

            It’s actually a great tactic when faced with overwhelming odds since putting your pilots in caps can have the effect of evening the field for the force with less pilots.

            Does it suck that EVE has come to this? I’d say no. Most of the time if your not engaged in a SOV war you’ll go out in subs for a roam. It’s only in the big button fights that you see capitals. N3 are just using the game mechanics supplied to them, it would be foolish of them strategically to down ship so you can have an even fight, especially when your enemy has yet to counter your present strategy.

          • Me

            But the CFC will counter it.
            Just wait for the 1000+ not meggas but Nag arty dreads every1 and i mean every1 in the cfc is now training for fast.
            And they will work on mumbles to fire them all at the same time and even a titan will pop.
            They are just ironing out the creases with the last few dread fleets, but the tactic will work.
            Even worse for eve will be the result.

          • I can’t wait to see the CFC lose 1,000 dreads.

          • Makalu

            lets see…200 of your dreads are barely capable of killing a carrier…please enlighten me to how 1000 will even come close to killing a titan? Where is this 15m EHP titan that you refer to?

          • laedy 3jane

            Training fast? as opposed to what? training at the same speed as everyone else in eve? Sitting in a dread is easy but if you don’t have those support skills, including jump drive cal 5 all those nags are nothing but useless scrap limited to deployment in the same constellation. Even with good battleship skills being a useful pilot is still a long way off.and even then I have yet to see a ‘good’ cfc cap FC

          • Shutit

            Yes because amassing a coalition with the capability to drop 2500 nerds into a system does not cause lag at all.

          • 4

            you dont need fighting experience when all you do is assign drones and go to sleep…

          • drone assist

            so are archons really that op or is the cfc just that bad that they can’t break the tank on a bunch of sleeping drone assist archons?

          • Archons

            They have their own archons,supers and titans, I don’t see what the fucking problem is. The problem is that they want to rely on their ability to focus fire and flood local with over 2000 dudes. Because that’s what they have been working up to all this time by amassing this big coalition. And the fact the PL/N3 have the brain power to come up with a counter using acrhons and supers is making them all cry and scream like little girls.

          • asdf

            CFC is just bad. Remember when they tried giving away tons of slowcats for free to their pilots? Turns out scrubs can’t even handle the logistics of just jumping to fucking cynos. Switching carriers for dreads isn’t gonna solve that problem for them; in fact it’ll be even worse since dreads have to make more jumps than carriers.

          • 2.4

            Most CFC members will not risk their caps just so Mittens can RMT more…

  • Nulli archon duder

    Most amusing thing, N3 had another 140 slowcats ready to jump in. They were not needed.

    • Ciaphas Cyne

      wait….n3 with archons on standby that never happens liar

  • why

    you idiots are raging against each other for destroying pixels on a screen while in the last 2 years i have lost 5 members of my family to the actions of the zeta cartel and a sixth to cancer…

    go fuck yourself !

    • Idiot

      Then don’t play and definitely don’t read news site

    • Aonus_the_blaster_maniac

      BECAUSE you are posting on a news site linked to the most cutthroat of a community due to us being EVE-Online players.

      Can i have their stuff if there is anything left?

    • asweetvet

      The only one I see raging here is you.

    • BobFromMarketing

      You’re dumber than a bag of hammers, if I was your family I’d pick cancer over you too.

      • erik

        get faceaids and die u inbred waste of life

      • lol

        best post of the thread.

    • Turd

      Omfg sir you are a complete shit turd. Hers hoping the scopes are on you.

    • Sold

      And yet here you are, posting on z internetz about an internetz pixelz games. The irony…

    • Gandalf

      Somewhere in your rage post you have a point. And I sympathise with the heavy RL losses you have suffered. Surely, events like the ones you mentioned can significantly change someone`s perspective on RL values. But do not waste your time trying to make people see life the same way you now see it. It is pointless my friend. There are other ways to change people!

    • emo much?

      why do you make pixels on a screen to emo about others escape. why not go find your own?

    • Slash

      Yup your right that’s terrible if that indeed happen to you. Why you would bring this up in this “conversation” eludes me.

    • Shutit

      We have first world problems man, I need to see my therapist to tell him where the mean space pixels touched me.

  • NCdawtbestdawt

    Hahhahahahahaah get rekt scrubs

    Seriously, give up already NC. gonna come rek ur annoooses all day

    • Anous

      You sir are an embarrassment to multi-cellular organisms the universe over.

  • The Shittani

    I confirm that we, CFC are so shit that we can’t even kill a titan tackled in our deployment system.

    Shittani butthurt and out.

  • Dave From Razor

    Sorry you are have to do better than that. Obvious bait is obvious bait.we knew you had all those slowcats on standby and we did the right thing which was to dock up. Still more that one way to skin a cat and soon we in the CFC will sporting fur lined gloves.
    Tick Tock Tick Tock it is just a matter of time.
    Christmas will be the start of CFC Max offensive

    • Gen

      yes, but only because you were such weakling, which can not handle a battle against an enemy eye to eye whilst normal days. English bad, cuz I’m drunk XD

      • oh

        the cfc were baited with a titan kill, n3 waited with slowcats to kill the response. whos emo for the cfc not falling for the trap?

        • anonymous

          This was not bait but if that is how you need to rationalize not being able to kill a titan on your undock then go for it.

          • not bait…lol

            Riiiiiiiiight a titan on the undock of the staging station in the staging system of one of the biggest alliances in the game… you’re totally right… those 300 slow cats formed and fleeted for the fun of seeing how many they could get in fleet, the fact that they were ready to cyno on top of the NOT bait titan that got tackled was purely coincidence.

            on a serious note I wonder if you actually buy into your own spin?

          • anonymous

            The titan was there to doomsday one of your carriers which he did in fact doomsday: That carrier pilot must be a spy that we had set up to be doomsdayed as part of our master plan to embarrass you with us saving a titan on your staging system.

            on a serious note I wonder if you actually buy into your own spin?

    • Sold

      You do know what happened to the last Max offensive, right?

      • err

        The CFC are seriously becoming the one thing they claim to hate.

        1) Created an alliance that everyone hates – Check
        2) Create a coalition that shits on everyone else at the drop of a hat – Check
        3) Cry to CCP when shit doesn’t go their way – Check
        4) Begin renting systems out – Check
        5) Get involved in sov wars as a 3rd party for ‘gufites’ – Check
        6) Escalate the ‘gudfites’ into a full invasion – Check
        7) Start a ‘Max Damage’ campaign – Check

        Am I seeing some kind of pattern here?

    • LizzyStradlin

      Actions not words dickbrick!

      • Just a CFC pilot

        We own > 70% of null, what more actions do you want shit-dick?

        • LizzyStradlin

          Still with the words eh.

        • N3 Googly bear

          I think you’ll find N3 own more systems than the CFC.
          Just sayin, shit-dick.

        • Nyan Lafisques

          Killing dead alliances was hard to do.

          • butthurt shrub

            LOL seeing as how the CFC killed those alliance by taking their space and starting their failcascades your post makes you look butthurt and stupid, now all you have to do is add mentally challenged to that list and you get your average testie…. what alliance did you say you were from again?

          • Nyan Lafisques

            I’m posting with my in-game name because I ain’t scared of consequences.
            So look it up.

          • asdf

            You mean they already failcascaded before CFC even talked about invading. But if you like mindlessly believing propaganda so much, you should really consider taking a vacation to North Korea. It could only cost you your life, and you got that for free.

        • Demosthenez

          Typical CFC, all bullshit no action.

        • Just another ‘scrub’

          Mittens owns >70% of null, and I just happily follow the glorious leader wherever he might go!”
          -Fixed that for you

        • Ur Stupid

          That’s utter bullshit. You’re just looking at the territorial map and looking to see whose colour is biggest. If you did your research, N3’s systems are actually more clumped together giving them more territory in less space (AU). You roughly own about ~40-50%.

    • Shutit

      I hope you guys do it. I really sincerely do, I want to see how omega fleet stands up to the N3 wreaking ball concept. Waiting anxiously.

    • Scared?

      Shut up and do something already, Dave. Actions speak louder than words, remember that.

      • hue

        dont you mean archons speak louder than words huehuehue


      1. 3rd party
      2. you made us mad

    • Fredy

      You mean by blobbing with the 570000 people they have blued in every alliance they could

  • sreggin wej

    This show how broken titans, supercarriers, carriers and dreads (except nagflar, which are fine) are broken. It’s time the CFC lobby CCP again to make sure this game remain well balanced. If the CFC cant kill a titan on their own undock, how are we supposed to?

    • Ex-Eve vet

      The problem has more to do with the size of the fights vs the capability of the hardware to support them.

    • The Light

      If this was a CFC titan in a N3 staging system it would have been very quickly welped. Its not EvE thats broken its the CFC. The ONLY reason for CFCs existence is to provide readers for Mitens advertising web site. There are unfortunately a lot of less intelligent people in EvE who were foolish enough to be part of that and are now only realising their entire EvE career has been wasted.

    • Shutit

      Wow now there is some CFC mentality for you. If we can’t blob it with our superior numbers then it’s broken. Let petition to nerf all the ships we don’t use. Nags aren’t broken cuz we came up with an end fleet that we want to use as soon as carriers get nerfed.

    • PushCarde

      This just HAS to be a troll.

    • LOLCFC

      CFC grunt: Wahwahwahwah, I cant win against slowcats, wahwahwahwah..I’m gonna tell CCP of you N3/PL, wahwahwahwah, please CCP nerf everything apart from nagflar because they are ok…wahwahwahwah

    • truth

      according to your leaders you have slowcats because you pushed so hard for them over the last year and cfc has supers and titans to they just need balls which you lack

    • Ur Stupid

      Mittens has definitely brain-washed this one.

  • Tarithell

    1 vs 1 G-0 undock anyone?

    • LMAO OMG!


  • droljica

    Just wait till goontards “full deploy” ……

  • Someotherdude

    How fucking bad is the CFC not killing this titan? TEST bad… nah. Worse. Drunken retards in a straight jacket can bump a titan and kill it on their own undock.

    • don’t play stupid.

      LOL lets see you do it with a 150 repping archons and according to n3 “Another 150 on standby if the first 150 wasn’t enough” Only thing killing anything taking that many bonused cap reps is a titan blob of PL proportions.

      • muh

        to be honest, if i had the numbers the CFC has, i’f be easely distroying that fleet of archons, just by using subcaps. problem of the CFC is they lack some brains to actualy think of a counter with the ships they are already using. No they want CCP to nerf couz they can’t use a brain.

        and no i’m not gonne give goons idea’s since i need N3 to win this

        • orly

          How many subcaps does it take to break the reps of 150 slowcats with more on standby. Pls tell your magic plan here.

          • Chris

            Or just, you know, use the ships designed for killing capitals.

          • Dem Neuts

            Lets see… Why not switch the Domi’s to Geddons? CFC still gets to keep their sentry fleet, but them neuts! I guess that’s just too much thinking to actually neut out those slowcats…

          • Chris

            It still takes ages to neut out caps that will be cap transferring as well.. Especially in 10% tidi.

            Plus with geddon’s you’re right up on the slows. That doesn’t tend to work out well for subcaps.

          • Dem Neuts

            It can if each Geddon has a smartbomb each. You don’t need to neut every single Archon either. 5-10 Geddons per Archon, disrupt the chain. Slowcats really need their hardeners to tank anything, get the hardeners off and you have a chance, plus with the smartbombs, any sentries that go out from the slowcats (and yours, but hopefully you’ve deployed them a bit further away from the slowcats), means the incoming DPS is going to be gimped, giving you that much more of a chance.

          • N3 Dude

            You don’t consider in your therorie that every archon carrys Large Cap Batteries inside of their fleet hangar as well as passive hardeners.
            Indeed using passive hardeners will decrease your resistance, but the archons will still be pretty hard to kill and due to the cap batteries the cap of the geddons will melt link ice on fire. The cap boosters won’t be able take that.
            As said before geddons tanking much worse than domis and will die pretty fast.

          • Goonies are Bad

            hehhehee you must be daydreaming, what kind of smoke you smoking..

          • Ur Stupid

            Well apparently they were ‘purposely ignoring them’ to kill the titan… Switching to Geddons wouldn’t have done them much good if they still went on the titan.

  • Necromonger

    So far CFC has beaten anything that came on their path.
    The only counter N3PL have against CFC is caps/supers/titans.

    This war might end in a draw as neither side might make progress.
    If N3PL goes for the offensive this war will become another beast tough.

    Curious to see how shit turns out after the holidays 🙂

    • truth

      cute but im sure cfc is afraid atm

    • NC. Forever

      Don’t worry CFC you’re fearless leader is on the battlefield and ready to drive the fear right into the N3PL Troops
      Wot a cock…

      • Ktorn Sinus

        is it just me, or anyone else too has a feeling that this nigger has a big tattoo on his forehead saying: I AM A NARCISSISTIC FUCK, PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR AND ANNIHILATE ME FROM PLANET EARTH, TIA.
        lawyers are all the same… v0v

        EDIT: also love the wannabe tryhard wtfbeard lulz.

    • Demosthenez

      LOL!!! Change that statement to “CFC “HAVE BEEN” beaten “BY” anything that came on their path and you’re right on.

      Still waiting for that “full deployment” and “omega fleet” nonsense that mittani has been dribbling on about.

      Seriously if this is the best that CFC has to offer then you better look for some new highsec homes 🙂

    • guest

      Orly… “only counter”

  • quest

    What you all want from CFC? they are good at Hulkgadeon, Gnkadeon, and even at Icegadeon! But you see when Minners can shot to them? no! so, CCP should nerf N3/PL and block their weapon too! then CFC say: ok, now is fair, lets go and fight!

    wait… CCP please, reduce numbers our opponents, like we must be 4:1, ok? and again, not forgot about hteir weapon turn off.

    Thank you Dear CCP.

    • Daniel Plain

      bitter much?

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    (3:02:41 PM) directorbot: could you all do me a favor and stop suiciding into the 150 slowcat supers we are purposefully ignoring?*** This was a broadcast from vily to all-all

    Going on my profile profile description profile ! Haha