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As The War Continues – The CFC Takes Advantage

December 21, 2013

With the SOV war in the south not going in favor of The CFC at this point, it now appears that another war of damage control is starting to bleed out across the stars of New Eden. While at the same time, the real assault of stealing renters for their income is well underway.

It’s no secret that members within Against ALL Authorities with other Russian bloc forces such as Darkness., Darkness and Despair, and even Black Legion have begun to lessen their attacks on N3 and N3’s coalition forces. There hasn’t been a single military victory under the command of The CFC since The Mittani swooped in with his latest CEO update on December 15th. As a matter of fact, they botched their attempted deployment to a SOV-base before it was even announced by losing a station egg. Most large scale fighting has almost come to a complete halt with rumors abounding of RUS and CFC not able to get numbers to counter N3 forces.

It appears that alliances in the south fighting against N3 are pissed that the CFC, who were once fighting WITH them, are now the ones calling the shots. Insinuating this is what The CFC are entitled too, even though the ones who put in all the work over the last several months are being marginalized (this means you Stainwagon).

The damage control isn’t just limited to the south though. Recently EMP up north has apparently been successful at stopping The CFC threat. Hoping to open another front, CFC member Gentleman’s Agreement was tasked with long hours of structure grinding only to have it ALL taken away a few days later by EMP fleets. Frustrated and isolated, Gentleman’s Agreement gave up. Their members upset about all the work they did for nothing. You can hear just how terrible it’s been for them with the latest Gentleman’s Agreement state of the alliance recording.

The real war here now appears to NOT be the fight against N3 SOV, but against the N3 rental empire. The CFC are trying to horde all the renters away from Stainwagon/N3 that they can. A quick look at Dotlan will show numerous corps leaving various rental alliances over the last few weeks/months and ending up conveniently in the CFC rental group. This is what it’s all about folks, and it’s already happening. You will see it mentioned time and time again on forums, websites, post after post. The war of attrition is a war over rental income–with SOV apparently being an afterthought now.  The CFC is looking to majorly grow their rental income–perhaps to further increase their capital fleet size?

Will this backfire on The CFC? It’s hard to tell, but with most of their space almost completely empty, or poorly defended (as the case with Spaceship Samurai coming to kill Li3), this war is really risky for them.

Anything can happen though, and with the holidays here it’ll be very interesting to see what occurs over the next couple of weeks but one thing is clear: war is still all about the money.