EVEDownUnder organisation recorded CCP Fozzie’s presentation. CCP Fozzie’s presentation features a look at some statistics gathered in the wake of Rubicon’s release, an explanation of how the ship design process works, the world exclusive unveiling of the new SoE Nestor battleship and a Q&A session with attendees.


  • Deltaguy

    l2 sync

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    As of now, that is the wrong video. That is EVEDownunder’s “Bam Stroker on ATXI” and vacationing in Australia. Common EN24.

  • Liu Bin

    I think the link was supposed to be this one:

  • Darnok Iksnibiks

    Motherships are back!

  • Bam Stroker

    Yeah, wrong vid.

    • Bobmon

      Should be updated now. Ive checked it multiple times and it gave me that vid. Dunno how but now it should be the correct one

      • Bam Stroker

        All good now!

  • Guest

    Mother-Ship Rebalancing Clues in this Vid?

    • Simon pieman