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Greedy Goblin: Mobile vending machine

November 19, 2013

CCP Fozzie requested players to give ideas about more mobile structures. The forum already has lot of good ideas. And zillions of stupid ones, half-screen quotes and other nonsense. I wish they could afford more moderators.

So hereby I introduce a genius idea, the Mobile Vending Machine. Wait, Fozzie mentioned it in his opening post? Well, I’m not sure he was serious, because it’s actually great. But it should be able to do much more than simply sell mining crystals in a belt.

Like, buying ore. The structure is player owned and only he can make orders in it, according to some new trading skill. Others can complete the orders. Not too many orders of course, like 20 buy, 20 sell with maxed skill, and only one structure per player to avoid overloading the market interface. It has a beacon on the overview as it’s openly broadcasting its orders, everyone can find it.

By accessing it, you can buy items it sells and sell to its buy orders from your cargohold. Now let’s see its own cargohold. To be any useful, it must have huge cargohold that makes scooping impossible. I mean if you use it to buy ore in a belt, even a million m3 is filled in 11 Hulk-hours, so a mining fleet quickly renders it unusable. Also if you’d try to sell ship hulls, it wouldn’t work. So scooping is out of question, if you deploy it, it stays until you either abandon it or someone destroys it. The same reinforcement method applies as the depot and it stops trading while reinforced, but the contents can be removed. It has a fuel bay where it takes cap booster 800 charges, one per hour, housing only 100. If it’s out of fuel, it loses its reinforcement ability and also disappears next downtime. I think 10M m3 cargohold is enough.

To buy something, it must fit in your cargohold, with one exception: if you are in a pod, you can buy a ship hull and you get it assembled and you boarding it.

While the Mobile Vending Machine can be deployed in a belt to sell mining crystals and buy Ore, its most important feature is that it can be deployed under a POS shield, acting as a trading module for WH players. It would be revolutionary in W-space, allowing players to use formal methods of exchanging goods instead of using commonly available hangars and hope no one steals it. You could set up an ammo, fitting and small-ship store for your corp or buy their salvage, PI and ore and when you log in, just empty the cargo into your freighter and off you go down the chain to Jita.

Wouldn’t this be a great structure?

– Gevlon Goblin